Partner of John for 11 years …



Wallkuer Carue (A) BH SchH III IPO III AD ZtP

21.08.1988 – 10.08.1999
Reg. no. V267018
HD 4:0  Eye/Mouth Certified
Sire:  KJS ’86 Aust Ch Graf vom Grüntenblick (Imp Gmy) 
Dam: Auslese Assi
Owner:  John & Lynne MacDonald

Sire Line Aust Ch
Graf vom Grüntenblick
ADRK 65053 M0095401M02 HD- Jugendbeste '86
Kai von Tengen
ZB Nr.52412 HD /- SchH III FH Gekört bis EzA
Dago vom Hause Normann
ZB Nr. 48389 HD- SchH III EJSg '75
Dack von der Meierei
ZB Nr. 44531 HD- Schh III
Anja von Silberwald
ZB Nr. 45610 HD-
Lissy vom Sonnenberg
ZB Nr. 46496 HD-
Bulli vom Hungerbuhl
ZB Nr. 42465 HD /- SchH II Int Ch KS '71 '72 WS '73
Cora v Jakobsbrunnen
ZB Nr. 41622
Bea von der Hembrachbrücke
ZB Nr.56263 ES '84 HD /- SchH III FH AD IPO III Gekört bis EzA
Ives Eulenspiegel
ZB Nr. 48232 HD- SchH III ES '77 Int Ch Gekört bis EzA
Astor von Landgraben
ZB Nr. 46239 HD- SchH III Gekört bis EzA
Dina von Kaiserberg
ZB Nr. 44235 HD-
Anja vom Schwaiger Wappen
ZB Nr. 48826 HD- SchH I
Attila von der Vierten Donaubrücke
RO881 HD-R 881
Anka von Lohauserholz
ZB Nr. 46801 HD /- SchH III FH KS '74 BS '75 ES '74
Dam Line Auslese Assi V129014 Felix vom Magdeberg
(Imp Gmy)
Brando vom Hause Neubrand
ZB Nr. 53430 SchH III FH WJS '79 WS '80
Gero vom Schloss Rietheim
ZB Nr. 47649 SchH I
Amba vom Altdorfer Wald
ZB Nr. 50521 SchH II
Biene von Hohenhameln
ZB Nr. 49663 SchH III
Dack von der Meierei
ZB Nr. 44531 HD- Schh III
Blanka vom Grossen Freien
ZB Nr. 45898 SchH III FH
Echo vom Magdeberg
(Imp Gmy)
Cliff vom Luckshof
ZB Nr. 50236 SchH II Jugendbester '77
Ari v Waldhuck
ZB Nr. 46868 SchH III FH BS '75 '77 KS '76 SG/WA '76
Anka vom Luckshof
ZB Nr. 48022 SchH I
Babette vom Magdeberg
ZB Nr. 53522 SchH I KSg '80
Benno v Allgauer Tor
ZB Nr. 46586 HD Frei SchH III FH Int Ch BS '78
Froni vom Silberwald
ZB Nr, 48598 SchH I WS '76 '79

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Chaka   Chaka


During his career Chaka’s conformation and working qualities were acknowledged by some 13 International Breed Specialist Judges and 6 International Working Judges.

His Specialty Show and Working achievements included –

  • Best Opposite Sex Puppy – 1989 Rottweiler National (Judge: Mr Franz Schaaf, NDL)
  • Reserve CC & Runner-up in Show – 1990 Rottweiler National (Judge: Mr Terry McHaffie, UK)
  • Reserve CC, Runner-up in Show, Best Veteran in Show and Best Stud Dog – 1995 Rottweiler National (Judge: Mr Jean Vandereyken, Belgium)
  • 11 times V-rated and highly ranked by International Breed Specialist Judges, having only been exhibited on 13 occasions
  • ZtP (Suitable for Breeding) at Northern Districts Rottweiler Club, Newcastle, NSW, Australia on 4 April 1994 (Judge: Herr Kurt Lohnert, ADRK Gmy)
  • A successful performance of the Körung procedure (ADRK Breeding Qualification Test) at a demonstration at Northern Districts Rottweiler Club on 4 April 1994 under Körmeisters Herr Lohnert and Herr Hartmut Teschke (ADRK Gmy)
  • SchH I obtained at 14 months (the then minimum age)
  • BH title
  • 3 x SchH III
  • 2 x IPO III
  • 3 x High in Trial
  • AD (Endurance Test) title
  • Multi High Rottweiler in Trial

Chaka partnered John not only in work and at shows, but in his every day life as a truly total Rottweiler and it was a big chunk out of John’s life when Chaka passed away on 10 August 1999.

It was because of Chaka’s breed line that we, together with Stephen Wade of Lockstock Kennels, South Australia, imported a daughter of the great Noris vom Grüntenblick (Gmy) whose sire was Falko vom Grüntenblick, a full brother of Chaka’s sire Graf.

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